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Ancient pebble divination
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Pebble Divination - Advice on various questions concerning love, job, health etc, through ancient Tibetan divination system, with 42 pebbles. Each pebble has a particular meaning, combined into a numeric network that gives a precise, quick, efficient answer, including advice on how to change adverse into positive conditions. My degree in phyto-aroma therapy (medicinal plants and essential oils), combined with divination skills, allows me to provide particular advice in questions concerning illness. Advice given in 3 languages (English, French, Serbo-Croat). I can detect your obstacles and indicate the way out. According to my knowledge, it's not about predicting the events, but deciding which course of action brings better results, and there - I can help. Nothing's completely fixed, things change and you can act to change them.

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25 years of divination practice, lots of experience, hundreds of satisfied friends and clients. A WORD OF CAUTION: You shouldn't listen to people. You should listen to your own gut feeling. Other people, including myself, may not be right. I can only tell you what i see here but YOU are living your life, and you will decide. In general, waiting is NOT a good thing. When we say he/she will come back - yes, there is a cycle started, created, and it will continue at some point in the future. Nobody can tell when exactly - only totally realized beings who use their brain 100 percent, which is not the case of any expert or reader. It depends on far too many details - weather, thoughts, accidents etc. So take nothing for granted, dear client.


Pebble Divination - Studied and received instructions from various teachers and through dreams. Degree in 3 languages. Diplomma phyto-aroma therapy, Faculte Libre des Medecines Naturelles, Paris, France