Member: Sarah T
Apr 19 2018
Member: User_w3ppht
great one
Apr 19 2018
Member: User_cmw9cr
She is so wonderful. I ran out of funds in the middle of it. I’m sorry. Please finish with what you were saying on message me. Please. Thank you
Apr 11 2018
Member: toughdecisions
Wonderful deep insight.
Apr 8 2018
Member: User_kycyz5
Very caring and honest. Can't wait to see if her predictions come true.
Apr 6 2018
Member: User_sn4f83
Always a great reading.
Apr 5 2018
Member: ipa3195
Thorough, insightful and caring reading
Apr 4 2018
Member: Natalotus
I always feel really connected to Sophi, look forward to seeing what happens
Apr 2 2018
Member: User_5jykkv
Love her! Amazing insight- calms me down instantly :)
Mar 31 2018
Member: User_avfdb3
always the best!
Mar 27 2018

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