Member: safi
very impressive and on point! he's really precise!! sorry i ran out of funds! :(( i will definately come back later to talk to him! thanks!!
Jan 15 2018
Member: Will
Always the best............
Jan 15 2018
Member: Lindy
Great reading. Good advice too
Jan 14 2018
Member: User_jadnqs
Best reading..I am heart broken now but now I get some hopes...waiting to see the future!
Jan 14 2018
Member: Stelph
i love him he was so in tuned
Jan 11 2018
Member: User_zgcd4b
Excellent, insightful, no sugarcoating and on it. I will be back for sure. He will be my go to for sure. Expressed specifics and not just generic bs.
Jan 9 2018
Member: User_86j425
Thank you
Jan 7 2018
Member: sunshine
Thanks keep well
Jan 2 2018
Member: User_64diis
Amazing! In depth and inspiring! This man is amazing!
Dec 30 2017
Member: User_pg9prq
Dec 29 2017

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