Member: sunshine
Thks for all
Oct 23 2017
Member: sunshine
Oct 18 2017
Member: BRAVE85
Very accurate and very spot on with his predictions.
Oct 17 2017
Member: sunshine
Thks Reading Not clear
Oct 16 2017
Member: sunshine
Thks bye
Oct 15 2017
Member: User146212
Details and straight to the point. I did not tell him much at all, he got right and i believe what he said will be right too.
Oct 14 2017
Member: User_zmf7jq
Very accurate, straight to the point. Would recommend.
Oct 13 2017
Member: Beth
Great as always chatting with Mark! He is wonderful.
Oct 9 2017
Member: User_nxdshq
Oct 7 2017
Member: User_7gyrt5
Great detailed reading
Oct 1 2017

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