Member: User_evc642
Have been helping me so much through all this time. Thank you as always Sonya! You are my guardian angel :) Just trying to be patient for the timeline here. I hope this big outcome that you see come true hun, looking forward to your positive signs, and hopefully for the results soon. <3 Talk to you soon! HUGS x
Feb 25 2018
Member: Danielle
Thank you so much for guiding me through this. Sorry for being so needy. Thank you for being so sweet to me and letting me see the best way to clean up the mess I just made. Xo
Feb 25 2018
Member: User_v8gyc3
Love her
Feb 24 2018
Member: Angela
A strong supporter and helper in my journey regarding my POI
Feb 24 2018
Member: asaragena
She had some really good advice about this soul connection. This is the first time this has happened to me and it really takes time to get used to. If I didn't have Sonya to talk to, I wouldn't know what to do! She's the best!!!
Feb 24 2018
Member: Courtney C
I love talking to you, always reassuring me in detail that things are headed in the right direction..excited to see how this year plays out after our chat tonight :)
Feb 24 2018
Member: User_7zphgx
Feb 23 2018
Member: User_qqeywc
Thank you for the help can’t wait for the help love you and the result
Feb 22 2018
Member: User_chrctf
Fast typing and kind.
Feb 22 2018
Member: User_kran5v
Sonya is always outstanding!
Feb 22 2018

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