Member: Lauren
Sonya is great- she is kind and personable, fast typer, picked up on a relationship before I gave details.
Aug 19 2017
Member: asaragena
Thank you so much Sonya! I was thinking the same thing. The cheaper version is in a neighborhood I don't trust. Please hire Sonya if you are looking for a psychic. She's the best out there!
Aug 17 2017
Member: Angela
Takes the anxiety down to zero. Amazing and truthful.
Aug 17 2017
Member: User_3793id
She is amazing!! compassionate, empowering, and uplifting. Accurate, got to the root of the problem and helped me navigate a difficult situation.
Aug 16 2017
Member: Nana27
What a blessing to have Ms. Sonya here with us supporting us each step of the way! Her insights are priceless and when i can't talk to her i read back the transcripts and everything she says, happens. She has this incredible way of reading people's energy that freaks you out because SHE IS RIGHT about SO MANY THINGS, yes, pretty freaky (in a good way :D)- I truly don't know how to describe Ms. Sonya anymore. Her kindness is out of this world and you can feel her positive energy! She has the best intentions at heart! Very very trustworthy!!
Aug 16 2017
Member: Amy3191
wonderful !!
Aug 15 2017
Member: Victoria1
She is quick to type, she knows my situation and is very accurate and I trust her judgement.
Aug 15 2017
Member: just wondering
She is wonderful at connecting and she does so soooo fast and delivers truth NOT BS! I wish I could afford to talk to her more often but she DEFINATELY delivers a whole lot in a few minutes! Thank you my darling for ALWAYS being there for me! God bless you and your gift! Xoxoxoxo
Aug 14 2017
Member: Jane
Sonya is a real deal here.So much of info and she is a real fast typer.She really explained my situation well.She is the only psychic I have come across who wants her clients to update thru email.Most of them dont even bother to reply your messages.She covered everything from top to toe.This is my first time with Soniya and I am so pleased that I contacted her.Thanks Soniya once again.
Aug 14 2017
Member: User_7m8wtx
She awesome, everything was on point
Aug 14 2017

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