Member: Rebecca
Sonia’s just a godsend- so glad to have her in my life xxx
Nov 23 2017
Member: Mika
Thank you
Nov 22 2017
Member: Angela
She is indeed a friend and a very special one. Always there for me...a good soul. :)))
Nov 20 2017
Member: Pearl
right on target all the time!
Nov 18 2017
Member: Mika
Thank you for the assurance.
Nov 17 2017
Member: Angela
A dear friend. Lovely soul and so grateful for her. Always honest and endearing. Thank you Sonia. Love you.
Nov 16 2017
Member: Tina
Thanks so much for reassurance...I'll check with you soon!!
Nov 15 2017
Member: User_nrk6ys
So lovely and helpful in my first meeting.
Nov 15 2017
Member: Rebecca
On point predictions sometimes to the exact day!! Love Sonia :) xx
Nov 15 2017
Member: User_h34man
Amazing how she knew right away about what i was feeling nervous about.
Nov 12 2017

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