Member: User_y28hus
Sep 19 2017
Member: User_eicyqe
This woman has become my counselor and not just showing me my future. I love that she's straight forward and puts my mind in place when it goes into anxiety I can't wait to soon have that happiness and peace of mind that my heart searches for.
Sep 19 2017
Member: Rebecca
Sonia isn't only a wonderful psychic- she also cares about us all- she's not just out for money- she just wants true happiness for everyone. I just love her. And I know when she tell me something - it comes true to the date!!! And has done many times. I can't recommend her enough xxxx
Sep 18 2017
Member: Susum88
She stands still on her predictions! We will wait and see :)
Sep 18 2017
Member: User_xmcdxp
Sep 18 2017
Member: User_vr2dkv
She was great
Sep 18 2017
Member: Mika
No more searching for the right one. She is it!
Sep 17 2017
Member: angelica
Zooms right into the energy of the person in question..thank you Sonia :)
Sep 17 2017
Member: User_zk742s
Still so sweet and reassuring. Still praying!
Sep 17 2017
Member: User_r3z8fk
Sep 16 2017

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