Member: Rebecca
Sonia blows me away. I spoke to her in November, she told me a series of things that would happen, the first was random and I didnt beleive it but - yep it happened, so I continued following her advice and all is going to plan. Came back for an update and she picked up thoughts in my head and exactly whats going on wih me right now without me saying hardly a word!!! I look forward to her next prediction :) Thank u Sonia you are wonderful xxxxx
Feb 23 2017
Member: xau
thank you waiting on things to unfold :)
Feb 22 2017
Member: User_wdctz8
It felt like she could connect with the situation more then I thought she would. Im going to see how it pans out and get back with her. Thank you you made me hopeful.
Feb 21 2017
Member: User_inzpb7
She absolutely sees the future. Why else are you on this site? This is the real deal
Feb 21 2017
Member: wisejazz
Thank you so much for all that you do! I appreciate your honesty always! In Gratitude
Feb 21 2017
Member: Mary
Sonia's psychic ability is phenomenal! It's incredible how Sonia is able to help me understand this complex situation. I have been struggling for years to comprehend why things happen they way they do, thank you Sonia for giving me the answers that I have been seeking. Your indepth readings are amazing & accurate. I would be so lost without you your insight & guidance hun! Love you heaps :) xoxo
Feb 19 2017
Member: User_k9cug2
So great! Really helpful advice and some keen insight! Adding to my favorites :)
Feb 16 2017
Member: babe
Very insightful
Feb 16 2017
Member: smilezncriez213
Love Sonia, truly an amazing amazing! person and advisor...Sonia, thank you again for everything!
Feb 12 2017
Member: babe
Excellent insght
Feb 11 2017

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