Member: humblelove
Feb 24 2017
Member: User_v347gd
On the spot
Feb 24 2017
wow..this woman blew me away!
Feb 24 2017
Member: Lilly
She was very accurate and very honest. She was on point about the situation. Her reading was quite different from others time frame wise about the outcome with a particular person and I. Thank you!
Feb 23 2017
Member: User_i2rhi2
Really really awesome!!!
Feb 23 2017
Member: User_cvcm8g
Very fast responding and superb reading
Feb 23 2017
Member: User_bs8f5j
She picked up immediately on one of my major flaws, one that holds me back in success. It was helpful advice and was very impressed that SHE picked that up about me. I would go back to.her
Feb 23 2017
Member: HMK
She's great! I will be back :)
Feb 23 2017
Member: User_8kkumn
She nailed on the head everything was on point thank you so much
Feb 23 2017
Member: NewLife28
Thank you for getting me back on track!
Feb 22 2017

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