Member: sonja
Always fantastic!!!
Nov 23 2017
Member: Laura
So loving yet utterly professional in her manner. Very quick with her insight. Literally burst into tears mid reading because of her kind nature in delivering her message, She is a blessing.
Nov 22 2017
Member: bellaxml
Great reader, patient and caring and reads well
Nov 22 2017
Member: User_2366j6
Nov 22 2017
Member: Rebecca
Always wonderful xxxx
Nov 21 2017
Member: alice7z
Thank you Donna! Sorry I ran out of fund.. It was great talking to you. You were right with one of the persons that I asked about and I hope you were right with the other. I will gradually move to the talk... but I am scared...
Nov 21 2017
Member: IsaJ
Mrs. Donna is always there even I ask the same questions 500 times, she is not tired of listening. Waiting for her last prediction of this year to happen.
Nov 21 2017
Member: babe
Good insight
Nov 20 2017
Member: User_rxr8sf
Mrs. DoNNa has NeVeR steered me in the wrong direction. She is honest and supportive at the same time. She is definitely my number one!
Nov 19 2017
Member: User_6q3gn6
Nov 18 2017

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