Member: chrissy
You would not believe the accuracy of this reader...even if he predicts months ahead, even if he predicts totally opposite of your feelings and situations at the moment, please listen. He knows and connects more than you think. He has been my go to since last year and im yet to prove him wrong. I kinda feel bad when i doubt him and then have to say u were right months in the future. He is worth every single penny....and more. Thanks alot sebastian u have helped me and guided me through my toughest times.
Mar 15 2018
Member: xxoxx
Lovely reader
Mar 13 2018
Member: User_ziwwr8
Thanks a lot.
Mar 12 2018
Member: romantic69
Excellent!! Always connects immediately and provides so much insight
Mar 12 2018
Member: User_txsjiu
Great as always
Mar 9 2018
Member: icel
inspiring reading
Mar 9 2018
Member: User_rzgxt3
The best
Mar 5 2018
Member: User_rzgxt3
Makes me feel better. Very detailed
Mar 5 2018
Member: User_t4rymg
He helped to soothe my soul. He was insightful, had a vision of a new love and life, I'm hoping it comes to pass, as I am beyond broken.....
Mar 5 2018
Member: User_a25u3k
Always amazing
Mar 4 2018

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