Member: User_n3uinm
Thank you for your insight.
Jan 17 2018
Member: User_a25u3k
Jan 16 2018
Member: Danielle
I would give more stars if I could. This was amazing spot on and in depth with details that he picked up all I asked was a simple question and he picked up every single thing about the situation. Thank you and the guides for helping me with this, I highly recommend. Thank you thank you!!
Jan 16 2018
Member: User_gx4cvc
Jan 14 2018
Member: beautyglam5
Got disconnected but wow amazing on point!
Jan 13 2018
Member: User_g6cnd3
Awesome and on point with everything.
Jan 13 2018
Member: rainbowgirl99999999
loveee him!
Jan 11 2018
Member: User_a25u3k
Thanks for letting me know I haven't sung.
Jan 11 2018
Member: User 22
Jan 11 2018
Member: User_k4cz8m
Jan 9 2018

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