Member: vali
Thanaks so much...I guess my funds ended. Great reading, thanks for reassurance :)
Mar 23 2017
Member: abe2100
Great. Thanks.
Mar 23 2017
Member: User_nqpjjp
She is good.
Mar 21 2017
Member: Kimmerly
Great reading xox
Mar 21 2017
Member: User_8shkpx
Mar 21 2017
Member: Happy1
good reading..detailed, but a bit pricey, but would contact her again.
Mar 16 2017
Member: melody24
Amazing! Uplifting, incredible reading. Great guidance always. Predictions come to pass. Highly recommend! Thank you Aura
Mar 13 2017
Member: Beth
Love her. Fantastic
Mar 10 2017
Member: User_ftamq9
Did not have to disclose much Aura kept writing . There was tremendous amount of accuracy in her reading. I felt she was honest and understanding .
Mar 7 2017
Member: sapphiregem
Excellent with so much details as usual :)
Mar 5 2017

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