Member: TRN
Aug 16 2017
Member: Iroquois1101
I have been coming to Andrew for awhile now and not only has he always been accurate down to the day, he is truly a wonderful soul with a big heart. Thank you Andrew, this session really touched my heart! :)
Aug 15 2017
Member: diana
He is a fairly new reader to me, But every single production he has made has come true so far in the past few months. I would recommend him to everyone
Aug 14 2017
Member: Seti
Very accurate as always
Aug 13 2017
Member: TRN
Aug 12 2017
Member: User_4znk4z
Awesome per usual! Let's hope everything plays out!
Aug 12 2017
Member: Ladybyrd
Thank you for everything
Aug 12 2017
Member: User_9bj9v5
:) very insightful
Aug 10 2017
Member: ceci21
Thank you :)
Aug 8 2017
Member: naa
Aug 8 2017

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