Member: User_z8td2c
Always amazing !!
Jan 19 2018
Member: ads
Jan 14 2018
Member: reetu72
Her readings are a class of its own, she needs no questions and if you read your transcripts she may have nailed specifics in there... She and her guides are TRULY AMAZING!!! IF YOU CAN handle the truth :)))
Jan 13 2018
Member: User_hvzwtb
Jan 2 2018
Member: User_dydfe3
Thank you!
Jan 2 2018
Member: User_nmekn3
(I decided to write another review, which will sum up my couple of previous readings with Danita) I was very upset, confused and sad when I decided to reach Danita out. I have tried talking to other people, but it only led me to have messy thoughts and more worries. The first thing she told me was that I was gonna ask about someone (which was entirely true!) and I was quite astonished by what followed after. Validation after validation. I was sort of nervous and embarrassed because it was my first reading on the phone, but she was really kind and talked to me like she knew me ages ago. After that, I contacted her a couple of times because I was filled with doubt, and she reassured me again. Thank you and thank your Guides for me!
Dec 25 2017
Member: User_hj8n9e
Dec 17 2017
Member: reetu72
simply shoots off running no prompts needed ...phew !!!
Dec 13 2017
Member: engage
incredible insights!
Dec 7 2017
Member: User_v3upgh
Great and amazing! Tells u everything u need to know...
Dec 6 2017

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