Member: flame74
an honest no time delay lady .
Mar 21 2017
Member: User_263i7j
Ty Danita, I am not worried about time but about him suppressing his feelings as you mentioned..I will reconnect with you soon. Blessings to you
Mar 19 2017
Member: alla
Gentle , wise, perfection !
Mar 14 2017
Member: Oloppaz
So I've been speaking with WindSong for a few months and have previously provided feedback - all positive. I am happy to say I am back with another positive rating. WindSong is extremely connected AND accurate. There is more still to unfold and I will post here again - but you yet try her out. She's the best on here!!!
Mar 12 2017
Member: User_wbh532
Very rude sppent allot of money then she would email saying she has more info so id chat with her again and the info didnt seem to be all that great then she did it to me again sating she had more info i told her i didnt have enough money i went on anyway ahe blocked me i informed her i felt like she kept twlling me she had more info after thw fact
Mar 12 2017
Member: lovestruck
Not happy. Not nice. Or kind. Reprimanding me and not making me feel good at all
Mar 10 2017
Member: alla
Thank you ! Amazing connection as always ! I appreciate all you do to deliver the messages , shed light , understanding , clarity ! Great ability of yours ! Aways immensely helpful !
Feb 26 2017
Member: Kristiana
If you are ready to connect you will connect. She is connected to herself and trusts herself. That is exactly what I needed. I could feel it from the start as i started laughing just when we started chatting and energy went nuts so my keyboard started to play up. Laughter is when souls talk.
Feb 25 2017
Member: Pamela
Thank you!
Feb 24 2017
Member: Lidija
Feb 19 2017

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