Member: User_49pg6y
Thank you
Mar 19 2018
Member: User_nt3iyf
Mar 15 2018
Member: User_49pg6y
Thank u
Mar 9 2018
Member: pookey171
Thank you. Shall see where things stand in 4-5 weeks.
Mar 8 2018
Member: joy
Unbelievable amazing, wow! Thank you for the insight, the advice will come in handy
Mar 7 2018
Member: User_49pg6y
I really trust your gift
Mar 6 2018
Member: Tammy
Amazing as always thank you so much!
Mar 2 2018
Member: User_49pg6y
Thanks . I was waiting for you to come online
Mar 2 2018
Member: intrigued
Always great to connect with you, Lee! You are a blessing for sure! :)
Mar 1 2018
Member: Michelle W.
Once again, fears alleviated and a plan is in place. Sometimes just having someone to 'talk' to is enough. Being guided in a better direction is always a plus. Thanks, Lee!
Feb 17 2018

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