Member: aquarius55
thank you
Apr 24 2018
Member: User_7c432i
Very quick at connecting and giving readings. Great
Apr 21 2018
Member: Earthnote8
THanks Mike. Be in touch later
Apr 19 2018
Member: Brenda G
I love this psychic and look forward to see if his predictions come true.
Apr 17 2018
Member: Earthnote8
Thanks Mike. Be in touch soon.
Apr 16 2018
Member: User_mf8ajk
Apr 13 2018
Member: User_dvqeqi
Great prediction
Apr 12 2018
Member: User_fjzbjf
He’s amazing!
Apr 12 2018
Member: Shellyshells
Friendly advice, but a bit long winded
Apr 12 2018
Member: aquarius55
Apr 12 2018

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