Member: Clair
Really sorry to rate so low and I wouldn't if I wasn't so genuinely disappointed. I did contact this advisor before rating to discuss my concern but got no reply. I have spoken to Michael a few times and I believe he only tells people positive what they want to hear. I don't think he has any responsibility over the advice he gives. He encouraged me to reach out and contact my ex. I did contact my ex, trusting what Michael said and believing him, wanting to believe him. I embarrassed myself by contacting my ex and have been clearly told my ex only wants to be a friend and even that is difficult for him to do. I believe Michael is irresponsible with the trust put on him by his clients. If Michael does in fact turn out to be right in what he told me and I am mistaken. I will ask CS to amend this feedback.
Apr 30 2017
Member: User_hph6di
Hes good
Apr 26 2017
Member: Lena
Thank you! :-) xxxx
Apr 25 2017
Member: Sv2k-17
Outstanding detail
Apr 24 2017
Member: User_hz3875
Apr 19 2017
Member: stehanie
He is very good. I will defintly be back. You are one of the best psychic I have ever talked to.
Apr 14 2017
Member: User_2qgpw4
Very positive and uplifting
Apr 13 2017
Member: Earthnote8
Apr 12 2017
Member: Eric
always spot on and very fast
Apr 10 2017
Member: vali
Many information, very grateful!
Apr 9 2017

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