Member: User_yfkj4k
I'm a skeptic, and for the limited conversation, I was very surprised with the fact he was also asking my questions before I asked about a very specific and not typical situation.
Dec 11 2017
Member: Wellington2000
Switched on!
Dec 11 2017
Member: ashao
Appreciated David's direct but kind response to questions.
Dec 11 2017
Member: BetteBoo
Clear and practical. A comforting guide when my emotions get the better of me.
Dec 10 2017
Member: ads
As always good
Dec 10 2017
Member: DMD
Meh. Nothing earth shattering but he was responsive and spoke good English.
Dec 10 2017
Member: User_tb49qw
Awesome but got cut off
Dec 8 2017
Member: User_8458z5
David is spot on! He is direct and to the point. He doesn’t try and stall. This was my second reading and i’m a firm believer!!!
Dec 8 2017
Member: Sean
Always precise, prompt and direct
Dec 8 2017
Member: js82
Very kind, nice person. HIs advice was good with one topic, but different than the advice from a few other people (and my own experience) on another.
Dec 7 2017

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