Member: heather624
very good, picked up on everything immediately
Feb 24 2018
Member: User_7wef3c
Feb 24 2018
Member: User_hwcfhn
Didn’t feel like he was very present with me.
Feb 23 2018
Member: User_ckvq2c
Couldn’t really tell me anything. I think it was honestly a waste of money. I asked questions and couldn’t tell me. I won’t be talking to him again
Feb 23 2018
Member: User_n493fu
Good stuff as usual
Feb 23 2018
Member: mahajar
Direct and to the point
Feb 22 2018
Member: Earthnote8
I put Dave through a whirlwind of questions... he kept pace. Thanks Dave for your help!
Feb 22 2018
Member: User_2w7kwq
Feb 21 2018
Member: Positivity
Feb 20 2018
Member: Vidya
Always very helpful! Great reading thank you
Feb 20 2018

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