Member: User_uwy8y2
Always reads situations well
May 24 2018
Member: angels333
He’s amazing and clear and honest!
May 23 2018
Member: likeadove
He was unbelievably accurate!!!!! I will not go to another site or advisor ever! He really gave me a direction to go :) thank You!
May 23 2018
Member: Kimberley
May 23 2018
Member: User_ccj8xd
May 22 2018
Member: angels333
May 21 2018
Member: User_37g8rw
Keeps me in the right train of thought and keeps my mind balanced and how to get it balanced.......
May 20 2018
Member: Andrew Ozga
very good
May 20 2018
Member: S1lverdale
Very accurate
May 20 2018
Member: caram
Session was great, but we kept getting cut off which was a shame.
May 19 2018

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