Member: Mindy Mann
Diana was very helpful and right on target.
Oct 17 2017
Member: ecamp0113
Always encouraging and supportive
Oct 16 2017
Member: User_c4m99m
Oct 16 2017
Member: Golden Ray
Oct 15 2017
Member: therese1
Amazing as always, fast typer too, get a lot of information always
Oct 12 2017
Member: ms indy
Fabulous. Diana totally calmed me down and put some common sense into me. Very grateful thank you.
Oct 12 2017
Member: bpoztiv
Love her! Very good energy!!
Oct 11 2017
Member: Golden Ray
Really insightful and helpful
Oct 10 2017
Member: Gabbypl
Thank you so much for your insight! It was great catching up with you.
Oct 9 2017
Member: Chidien
Diana is a wonderful spirit!
Oct 9 2017

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