Member: User_ct3eqa
Jun 26 2017
Member: User_piiqwa
That was a wonderful and peaceful session. The information was insightful and the information was cohesive. I was given present and future guidance along with helpful healing advice. You could feel that it was kind, true, and was passed along with love. I'm looking forward to the future, and feeling confident with my message.
Jun 25 2017
Jun 25 2017
Member: User_4b4k7u
Thanks for the advice and lets see what gonna unfold hope ur prediction will come true. Ttys :)
Jun 25 2017
Member: qne
Andrew is my light in a storm. ALWAYS on point.... his advice is pertinent and always on point. I have been doing healings with Andrew for some time and he has helped me swim some turbulence and is always able to help me over the bumps. He is charismatic precise - compassionate and always seems to be able to see people and situations with extreme clarity and precision. Over the months he has become more than my advisor he has become a dear friend. Thank you for everything Andrew xoxoxo
Jun 25 2017
Member: Jo C
Andrew contacted me for an update on my situation. He has been doing healing work for me. Things are going great and he gave me some insight, advice and encouragement on my situation. Feels like talking to a wise friend that always gives good energy and makes you feel better afterwards. Every session is different depending on what is best for that moment. Sometimes we need a listening ear, advice, guidance or a pat on the back if we are doing well. Andrew is always spot on with what is needed and the healing work he does is making a difference with a situation that is beyond my control.
Jun 24 2017
Member: lizzie
wonderful reading as always
Jun 24 2017
Member: Lucy
Manymthanks tomyou always wondetful
Jun 24 2017
Member: Harold
Good insight
Jun 23 2017
Member: User_g6vhih
Thank you for your guidance
Jun 23 2017

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