Member: zctpey
He just knows what's the issue and to the point.
Aug 22 2017
Member: aroah
Aug 21 2017
Member: Beyonce81010
Fruno, thank you for chatting with me. Hoping that your predictions unfold.
Aug 21 2017
Member: Gamapapa9
Aug 21 2017
Member: User_7f6qnf
A dear friend as always
Aug 21 2017
Member: User_hqwgfb
Always fast and detailed
Aug 21 2017
Member: Eric
Always great to talk to, fast and strong in his beliefs and what he sees for you. Comforting too.
Aug 20 2017
Member: User_zkbeuj
Amazed and Impressed
Aug 20 2017
Member: Honey
Very comforting we will see about outcomes love Fruno
Aug 20 2017
Member: User_ryu47w
good connection and insightful
Aug 20 2017

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