Member: User_cxzu2r
Great reading
Apr 29 2017
Member: User_wnjki3
He was great.
Apr 26 2017
Member: User_m6rsnz
Very helpful
Apr 25 2017
Member: maria
Apr 25 2017
Member: User_6mmkyv
lets see
Apr 25 2017
Member: User_p2s9ne
Something shifted... i feel less worry and more comfort.
Apr 23 2017
Member: User_tsfczb
The reading was very good. Thank you mystic night.
Apr 22 2017
Member: User_4r4zcr
Amazing feedback so pleased with my Reading
Apr 22 2017
Member: wisemeat88
Excellent reader. Very articulate and descriptive with good grammar and also very accurate from a psychic point of view. Was able to pick up on things very quickly and then describe them in perfect detail that was easy to understand. Highly recommended!
Apr 21 2017
Member: User_b3gttd
Apr 20 2017

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