Member: User_npk3s3
Mar 15 2018
Member: erinmarie
Elizabeth is the most sincere, accurate psychic on Kasamba. Will not tell you what you may want to hear, on,y what is the truth and what one needs to hear. Excellent
Mar 13 2018
Member: Elu2
AMAZING connection!! thanks so much
Mar 11 2018
Member: cgray
Totally honest reading. Thank you so much.
Mar 10 2018
Member: Golden Ray
Mar 10 2018
Member: User_martinrobert25
Trust your own gut people. STOP wasting your money on people to tell you things you either already know or could guess yourself. These people are the only "profession" in the world that still expect to be paid and be wrong or not do a good job. Where else is that possible? She was never right about my situation but is too arrogant to accept that she was wrong.
Mar 8 2018
Member: robert2315
never picked up on the situation. blames you when her predictions don't come true
Mar 8 2018
Member: erinmarie
Always good
Mar 7 2018
Member: User_t9tx2m
Awesome chat!!! Thank you again!
Mar 5 2018
Member: User_cs436e
Always satisfied with her reading and advise.
Mar 5 2018

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