Member: Eva
Apr 18 2018
Member: User_cc9fb6
Love this lady, spot on, made me feel at peace
Apr 17 2018
Member: User_5z35t5
Ahh amazing!! ???
Apr 15 2018
Member: MAY
nice reading
Apr 14 2018
Member: User_npk3s3
she's really very insightful and really accurate and nuanced with details. really invested in the query and querent. she will tell you things exactly as she seems them. very gifted. you will definitely gain from her reading.
Apr 13 2018
Member: User_it99zi
Apr 12 2018
Member: User_nby63m
Apr 12 2018
Member: User_fjzbjf
She was very nice. Will come back for updates!
Apr 11 2018
Member: Lisa
She was spot on and really was able to put my mind at ease. I would recommend her to anyone seeking knowledge about a partner. I only wish I had enough funds to continue the session - I'm sorry for the abrupt end!
Apr 8 2018
Member: kindrita
Apr 8 2018

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