Member: User_2f4i92
Attentive and very good reading
Jun 26 2017
Member: User_zhu9vt
Thank you for your readings and being kind with me .Im looking forward to get readings from you more .Thanks for your help.??
Jun 21 2017
Member: trish
Very good and detailed reading. I would highly recommend. Provides both historical and future details. making the reading very goodl
Jun 21 2017
Member: trish
very quick and detailed response. A lot of good follow up from previous readings. I would recommend.
Jun 20 2017
Member: User_4b4k7u
Waiting :)
Jun 18 2017
Member: jenaee
Outstanding reading once again. Very helpful! Highly recommend.
Jun 17 2017
Member: jenaee
My very first reading with this professional, and I am very much blown away. Anytime you can talk to a medium, and they can give you insight to your situation with you giving them VERY LITTLE UPFRONT DETAILS, you know they are truly talented. Not only did she know my feelings, but the feelings (exactly) of the person I was asking about.... including his current mood, his actions and his motives. And, these were NOT general statements.... they were DEAD ON.... as if she had been observing us like a fly on the wall. I give this reader 5 stars.... she is truly in tune with what's going on. I will definitely be back.
Jun 17 2017
Member: User_94jh2t
Good reading :)
Jun 15 2017
Member: User_ercyy4
Shes a fake. Told me someone that doesnt know the other person is the cause of all our problems. Lol. I wish there was a real psychic on here.
Jun 9 2017
Member: adrashi
She said a lot of accurate information, very thorough but waiting for prediction to come to pass. Very kind and caring lady
May 24 2017

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