Member: lalalai
My God I wish to have more funds thank u
May 23 2018
Member: king::pin
Respect!!! deserves more than 5 stars
May 20 2018
Member: jellybean
Thanks again.
May 17 2018
Member: jellybean
Thank you.
May 17 2018
Member: Lucy
really outstanding in every way!
May 17 2018
Member: Fay89
John is awesome as always!
May 13 2018
Member: User_inzpb7
Awesome clear and concise and his predictions over the years come true. Is that not why you are on this site? Thanks John
May 12 2018
Member: User_8pqsyu
He’s amazing
May 11 2018
Member: Fay89
Thanks, John. Idk what I would do without your unparalleled guidance.
May 8 2018
Member: diana
thanks for the update
May 6 2018

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