Member: Lucy
thank heravens for him and his guides!incredible upliftment!
Feb 21 2017
Member: Lucy
always terrific!
Feb 20 2017
Member: Lucy
wonderful help and advise.;)many thanks!
Feb 19 2017
Member: Lucy
incredible earth angel.;))love him so much!
Feb 17 2017
Member: diana
TY for update. Always. I will try and remain hopeful and positive.
Feb 16 2017
Member: jellybean
So insightful and accurate
Feb 16 2017
Member: gretchen
extremely in-depth and honest. doesn't beat around the bush that it's gonna be a hard road to get what I think i want.
Feb 14 2017
Member: User_aweh5j
So so fantastically awesome.. Words cannot describe.. Xx
Feb 12 2017
Member: Lucy
always my centering guide!many thanks!
Feb 11 2017
Member: User_p37794
Thank you
Feb 11 2017

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