Member: Electra
Feb 22 2017
Member: User_7gyrt5
Great reading, great insight. Waiting for it to pass
Feb 17 2017
Member: NewLife28
Thank you
Feb 14 2017
Member: jen
great , great
Feb 13 2017
Member: NewLife28
Thank you. It makes sense.
Feb 12 2017
Member: NewLife28
Thank you
Feb 6 2017
Member: KindSoul
Wow! You really hit home with your accuracy. I'm truly impressed! I'm sorry for cutting out like that. Will definitely focus on myself as you say :) Thank you so much.
Jan 29 2017
Member: LaJoconde87
Quick to connect and seemed to be honest. Please finish your thought, I ran out of funds, sorry. I will be back again.
Jan 28 2017
Member: Silvia
diret reading and kind person
Jan 28 2017
Member: ExIndygrl421
My first read with Vanilla and she is wonderful. Connects quickly and I felt she is one that is a true psychic reader.
Jan 27 2017

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