Member: Moonset Lily
Tracey is the best on here. Thank you was fantastic as usual. Sometimes we take for granted just how amazing it is when you can read someone's thoughts you've never met... simply amazing as always.
Aug 19 2017
Member: Julie M
very accurate
Aug 19 2017
Member: darciapara
my girl guide :)
Aug 18 2017
Member: Lucky in luv
Thank you Tracey, best reader on kasamba as always!!!
Aug 15 2017
Member: darciapara
my girl
Aug 13 2017
Member: User_q8mvqi
She's usually my go to psychic but some of her predictions are not coming through.
Aug 13 2017
Member: User_4q6ckm
She is money :) and she spoke about many things and i hope they come to pass.. Than you for another reaidng. Its tough times for me but i hope the session will give me some calmness to my heart and mind. take care
Aug 12 2017
Member: lalalai
U r my life savior love u so much!
Aug 11 2017
Member: Rebecca
Always a wonderful experience, Tracey is a fly on the wall amazing psychic who has been right every step of the way :) I luv her xxx
Aug 11 2017
Member: ariana
The best! Thank you!
Aug 11 2017

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