Member: Amazing Coach
Excellent thanks Ann
Dec 12 2017
Member: User_4y5d74
After every session with Ann, i truly feel a sense of peace. She is someone i can truly release things that i have kept buried and Ann is so kind and compassionate. She is really mentoring me to be true to myself and to stay focused on the big picture. So grateful
Dec 11 2017
Member: User_4y5d74
I am so grateful to Ann for all her guidance. She really helps me to stay on track and gives me the strength even through challenging times
Dec 11 2017
Member: User_i3pruy
Always feel better after talking to her . She always tells the truth
Dec 10 2017
Member: Amazing Coach
excellent thanks Ann xx
Dec 8 2017
Member: HGTJ
Sorry but I have to give a poor rating to this session. Ann said she saw 99% that I will get the job, however, this morning I received the rejection letter. Disappointed.
Dec 7 2017
Member: User_4y5d74
Ann is truly amazing. She is so positive and really helps me stay positive and on track.
Dec 6 2017
Member: User_z8td2c
Ann is very fast to connect and accurate in her reading of the situation and people involved!! Thank you
Dec 5 2017
Member: User_4y5d74
Another great session. Just going to reiterate that Ann is amazing, kind and very wise. Her guidance really helps one find clarity when there is so much fog.
Dec 4 2017
Member: Amazing Coach
Excellent thanks soon xoxox
Dec 3 2017

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