Member: User_9bj9v5
very honest and direct
Aug 18 2017
Member: alla
Thank you !
Aug 17 2017
Member: vali
So good! Always happy to talk with Chelle!
Aug 13 2017
Member: soroceanu
wow. great
Aug 12 2017
Member: lizzie77
Not sure of the outcome. But she did not feed me a bunch of fantasy- although i don't like to hear it...likely she is right.
Aug 12 2017
Member: User_qedwed
Thank you, you confirmed that I'm making the right choice. Xoxo
Aug 11 2017
Member: User_mjng7p
thank you!
Aug 10 2017
Member: User_r8aa7w
fantastic as ever
Aug 10 2017
Member: User_jgnpe2
I think she is one of the best ones in kasamba
Aug 10 2017
Member: User_sp4vff
very on point
Aug 9 2017

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