Member: seb26
Seems very honest
Mar 25 2017
Member: User_7ivsv7
Hmmm I had a very short reading because I wanted to just try. My boyfriend and I broken up for very unique reasons not because we had different personality. The reading was somewhat very generic reasons that most of people break up- the characteristic differences. Sorry dear.. I was not very impressed.
Mar 25 2017
Member: User_7nd9h7
She's honest and always right! Love talking to her!
Mar 25 2017
Member: User_ki3z4n
Mar 24 2017
Member: User_49qe7q
very, very accurate very strong.
Mar 23 2017
Member: User_aznarf
Mar 22 2017
Member: readings by Magdalena
good as always
Mar 21 2017
Member: Sherry777
Amazingly accurate. Chelle will give you clear and concise advise and guidance based upon her insight. Insight is laser sharp. I highly recommend.
Mar 21 2017
Member: kataz
Very connected I felt.
Mar 21 2017
Member: User_g879we
Very honest and accurate.
Mar 21 2017

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