Member: Hope
God bless... she is a blessed soul. .. Thank you my Angel
Mar 27 2017
Member: stace
Amazing as always!
Mar 27 2017
Member: User_gg34nw
Great feedback she was great!
Mar 24 2017
Member: User_52jamm
She was spot on loved her
Mar 22 2017
Member: stace
outstanding as always
Mar 20 2017
Member: User_w7jzzb
truth hurts but i needed to hear it. thank you!
Mar 16 2017
Member: farmgirl8
Thanks so much for your positivity and wonderful insight again !! :)
Mar 13 2017
Member: Wanderer0621
Mar 13 2017
Member: inspired
Quick connection and typing. Honest as ever. Thanks!
Mar 13 2017
Member: User_4uqgyf
On point, fast typer, straightforward. Loved her and her reading. Thank you so much for your insight and advice
Mar 13 2017

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