Member: User_2366j6
Thank you!!!!!
Nov 22 2017
Member: anzacguy
Nov 20 2017
Member: User_zj8ixg
Nov 17 2017
Member: User_ctvcia
always gives me hope when I feel like giving up
Nov 16 2017
Member: User_am593g
Wonderful as ever. Always on track
Nov 16 2017
Member: User_qi8nqa
Nov 15 2017
Member: Bianca
Great reading. Nailed the personality. Very spot on with his vision. Looking forward to another reading. Apologies for running out of funds.
Nov 14 2017
Member: User_tjdep4
He is amazing! One of the best!
Nov 10 2017
Member: xau
the best of them all! always amazing support!
Nov 6 2017
Member: lynn
thank you always for your guidance
Oct 30 2017

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