Member: jellybean
Thank you, will stay strong. Pls complete last bit.
Jun 25 2017
Member: Pen
Always a joy!
Jun 25 2017
Member: Damian2415
Always the best and most accurate psychic.
Jun 25 2017
Member: Will
Love her
Jun 23 2017
Member: User_y6vjw4
Amazing as always thank you so much :)
Jun 20 2017
Member: Eden
So great. Always.
Jun 17 2017
Member: User_scbrcj
Thank you, its been a long wait!!
Jun 16 2017
Member: alla
Thank you !
Jun 11 2017
Member: User_n48v83
She was very kind and helpful...I will defiantly be talking to her again
Jun 9 2017
Member: User_4b4k7u
Everything she said makes sense!
Jun 8 2017

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