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Real Psychics Online / 20+ Years of Experience / 3 FREE Minutes

Angels were created by our Divine Father & Mother (God/Goddess) in order to help guide us, protect us, comfort us and assist us in creating the best life we can imagine, as we journey through our life here on earth! Like any good father & mother, the divine father and divine mother want us all to achieve great success and to have lots of fun, joy, and laughter doing so.

I have personally witnessed many, many, many, miracles in my own life when I learned about angels! Life prior to being introduced to the angels was hard, hurtful, harsh and I felt much alone. As I became more aware that angels are REAL and that they do exist, I began asking them to help me create the life I truly wanted, I began asking for SIGNS and always received help when needed. Soon after my world began changing, I felt loved, comforted, happier, attracted new people and new opportunities like magic & manifested all the things I desired, easily and effortlessly.

As I started introducing my family, friends and clients to the angelic realm, shared angelic messages from their guardian angels, the Archangels and imparted angelic intuitive guidance, their worlds also began shifting and it was awe-inspiring and astounding to see people that I love, adore and cherish experience the same miracles I had been experiencing!

If you are openminded and willing to begin working with angels, and you are ready to allow magical changes and huge transformation into your life; I’d love to share some basic information on how you too can connect with these benevolent beings of love and light and claim your success, happiness, love and all else you’ve tried to accomplish alone over the years!

There are a few types of angels, and they all have specific duties and functions and can be called upon wherever and whenever you need them! This is the beauty of angels; they are not “limited” to the constraints of 3D/human living. They are loving energies of light and love, that are multidimensional beings and nondenominational.

Nondenominational meaning, they are not biased with helping you, based on your religion, creed or race. Angels are pure love. They offer their assistance simply by your true intention to have them enter into your life and allow them to offer their assistance. However, they can ONLY assist you, when you ASK them to do so. All humans were created with “free will” which means angels are not allowed to help unless you use your free will to ASK them to do so. In a few instances, if you are in extreme danger or life-threatening situations, only then can the angels “intervene” in order to help keep you safe and protected.

What is an Archangel?

Reference to Archangels can be found in several different religious works, particularly the Abrahamic religions, as the overseers of all other angels - or angels of high rank - and depending on what life area or areas you’re struggling with and need the most assistance with they can be called on any time. The following is a list of the 3 most powerful archangels you can connect with and what to ask each one for their divine assistance. You can begin connecting and working with these top three, go-to archangels by setting your intentions and calling on them for support.

list of archangels list of archangels

ARCHANGEL MICHAEL - Protection & Finding your life’s purpose!

FEAR is a crippling feeling which can disable the best of us from successfully achieving our life’s work, goals, and dreams. Archangel Michael whose name means “he who is like God” is the archangel who ceaselessly provides protection, support, and clear guidance on the direction of our life’s journey.

If you have been feeling lost, confused as to what direction you should move forward with, whether it’s love, career, money, etc. … Call upon Archangel Michael to assist you with “clearing your energy” from all negative and fear-based thoughts and feelings. He can also help by offering protection not just to yourself, but family members, friends, children etc.

To call on Archangel Michael you can say in your mind or out aloud:

“Dear Archangel Michael, please help clear all fear based energies from my aura, please place a bubble of white protective light around me, my home, vehicle, family and children so that only loving people and experiences come to us. Thank you.”

list of archangels list of archangels

ARCHANGEL RAPHAEL- Divine Healing & Miracles

Archangel Raphael means “he who heals” and is the “Divine Doctor/Healer” of the angelic realm. He has the ability to heal sickness, diseases and all manifestations of illness and any health issue you’ve been struggling with - big or small! If you have been struggling with your health and aren’t seeing improvements through traditional medicine only, you can ask Archangel Raphael to intervene on your behalf! Archangel Raphael normally works through sharing “repetitive divine guidance” and “sending signs” in order to help lead you towards all healthful solutions to ensure your healing and coming back into well-being.

To call upon Archangel Raphael simply say quietly or out loud (you can even write a letter to him) as well.

“Dearest Archangel Raphael, I ask you to please help me with ___________________________ (describe the situation you would love to be healed). I ask for your assistance and accept all help available so I can enjoy my health and well-being. Thank you.”

Close your eyes and visualize emerald healing light and energy beginning to surround you in a bubble. Inhale this emerald green light and fill yourself with as much light as you need. Your healing is then complete.

You can do this visualization as many times as needed, and pay special attention to the guidance and signs you receive, for example:

Look for signs directing you to change your doctor, change your diet, quit sugars or caffeine, etc.

ARCHANGEL ARIEL – Manifesting Abundance & Prosperity

If you’ve been struggling with manifesting abundance and prosperity into your life and you really truly wish to begin experiencing a life that’s rich in all ways, Archangel Ariel is the angel you should begin connecting and working with.

As a spiritual being in human form, there are “humanly” needs we have to meet, material obligations and of course MONEY being the currency we use to exchange for our physical needs to be met. As such, most of us are always focused on expanding our ability to draw more money into our lives.

Archangel Ariel means “Lioness of God” and yes it’s a girl angel! Archangel Ariel brings guidance to help you find your way toward increased wealth in all areas of your life, increased love, time, fun, friends, and of course more money! She can help you find a job, gives you the courage to start your long dreamt of business, or to simply help you to remember you deserve financial abundance in your life. Ariel will help you to open yourself to receive prosperity and money from both expected and unexpected sources.

You can connect and work with Archangel Ariel by simply reciting :

“Beloved Archangel Ariel. Please show me the pathway towards my highest abundance and prosperity. I am open and receptive to allowing more abundance into my life in all ways. Please connect me with the right people and all opportunities in order to live my most prosperous life now! Thank you.”

Angel Cards

I also recommend working with Angel Oracle cards, or Angel Tarot cards, in order to deepen your connection and to begin to let the angels into your life and truly desire to experience positive shifts and transformations in your life. Use your own intuition when choosing an angel card deck and all you have to begin with is the commitment of making some time and space (15mins) if you’re just starting, and up to an hour if you want to truly dive into the angel world! Draw one angel card per day asking, “angels, what do I need to know today?” and set aside a specific special journal, which you write your thoughts and feelings about your daily card.

As you begin to do this and start looking back at your journal weeks or months later, you will be amazed to see how much love, comfort, guidance, advice and angelic help comes your way!

Miracles are meant for you. Claim them now & allow the angels to help you. Remember FUN & play are the angel’s way! Start living your best life, for the rest of your life, now!
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