The Guide to Crystals: Everything you need to know

Janice Howard
Master of spirituality / Spiritual writer based in Oklahoma, USA / Spiritual activist
Master of spirituality / Spiritual writer based in Oklahoma, USA / Spiritual activist

The Guide to Crystals: Everything you need to know The Guide to Crystals: Everything you need to know
Crystals are a solid material from the earth. The atoms within any given crystal are arranged in a certain pattern with a reflection of it’s mesmerizing internal symmetry, giving it it’s splendid color and demeanor. It is thought that a crystal's unique vibration comes from the way the atoms and molecules within, synergize. In this article, we’ll explore the many positive effects that crystals have on our emotional, physical, and spiritual wellbeing.

Why Do People Use Crystals?

Crystals fulfill a spiritual role when it comes to many different factors. From healing to blocking out bad energies, there are immense benefits to using crystals. Even placing crystals in your home can give off a positive vibration to your surroundings by cleansing, nurturing, and awakening your spiritual realm.

Healing Crystals

Crystal healing has actually been used for thousands of years. Ancient Egyptians and Sumerians have used crystals as a way to heal different ailments, whether physical or emotionally. These days, crystals are believed to enhance one’s energy around certain chakras of the body. Essentially, there are different practices pertaining to healing crystals and various means and ways that are used to perform crystal healing. Here’s a quick breakdown of some self-care crystal healing methods;

Placing Crystals On Body

Whether you’re wanting to heal a chakra or do away with a physical ailment, then placing crystals on your body has been reported to work wonders for some people. The key in this crystal healing method is to choose a crystal that’s best fitted with a certain body part or chakra.

So, what does placing crystals on your body actually do? They amplify the energy around a certain chakra, bringing forth suppressed emotions. At first, this may sound counteractive, but feeling suppressed emotions and recognizing them actually give you a better chance at healing.

Holding Crystals

Another great way to boost your crystal healing routine is to simply hold your favorite crystal in your hands while meditating or practicing any form of mindfulness. Also, using different crystals will give you different experiences during your meditation. The trick is to try a couple and see which one truly has a long lasting, positive effect on you.

TIPS- Is your heart chakra blocked? Place an aventurine crystal on your heart to kickstart a self healing process and unblock anything that’s holding you back from finding true love. Need guidance and feeling lost? A clear quartz crystal placed on your heart chakra is key to unleashing a world of intuitive insights.

How To Choose The Best Crystal For You

While you may easily be swayed to buy a certain crystal because of it’s beautiful color and appearance, it may actually be the wrong crystal for you. The best way to know what crystal is the best one for you is to determine your needs. Ask yourself, do you need crystal healing? Do you want to cleanse your energy? What chakra do you want to work on?

Once you understand what your need is, it will be way easier to choose a crystal based on your criteria. So, before you purchase any crystal, always have a plan of action in mind; hence giving you the ultimate crystal experience.

Crystals And Their Uses

Each crystal possesses a different type of activation that will invoke a different effect on your body and mind. Below, you’ll find a comprehensive breakdown of the most popular crystals and what magical energies they emit.

Crystals And Their Uses Crystals And Their Uses


On a spiritual level, Carnelian is known to boost your creative side. This is perfect for creators or artists who need a little creative energy in their surroundings.

Carnelian Crystal Carnelian Crystal


Another powerful stone that helps with the creative aspect of your life. It also promotes general health and blocks nightmares or any bad energy from lurking in your environment.

Garnet Crystal Garnet Crystal


Most people have heard of amethyst but did you know that some say it even helps with headaches? Generally, amethyst is used to create a tranquil, peaceful environment and helps restore a sense of calm in your life.

Amethyst Crystal Amethyst Crystal


If you feel you’ve been surrounded in a buzz of negative energy and thoughts, then hematite is a stone that is thought to block out all the detrimental energies that do not benefit you at any level.

Hematite Crystal Hematite Crystal


This crystal helps those in financial woes, bringing about financial abundance and good luck energies. It’s perfect to have in your house or office.

Citrine Crystal Citrine Crystal

Clear Quartz

This is one of the major healing crystals. Use it on any blocked chakra, during your meditation or even yoga practice.

Clear Quartz Crystal Clear Quartz Crystal


Soothes your mind and restores calm to your mind and spirit. This is great for meditation and placing under your pillow at night.

Moonstone Crystal Moonstone Crystal


Helps with mood swings and aids in positive manifestations with a touch of creativity. This stone aids menopausal women, too.

Opal Crystal Opal Crystal


Pyrite is known for its defensive qualities, keeping any harmful energies and toxicity out of your space.

Pyrite Crystal Pyrite Crystal


This stone emits healing and a sense of euphoria. It’s largely placed around the home to balance and sustain good energies.

Turquoise Crystal Turquoise Crystal

Last Thoughts

Good energy crystals have reportedly helped many people from all walks of life. Although many scientists believe that there is more of a placebo effect on this kind of alternative healing, the truth is that crystals have been used for centuries and are widely practiced in most spiritual and religious groups.
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Janice Howard is based in Oklahoma, USA. With years of experience researching all things spiritual , including divination tools such as Tarot, Numerology, and Psychic connections, Janice regards herself as a spiritual activist. During her spare time, she practices yoga, writes, and teaches mind, body, and soul connections at the local recreation centers.
Skills : Master of spirituality / Spiritual writer based in Oklahoma, USA / Spiritual activist Find me on Facebook »
Skills : Master of spirituality / Spiritual writer based in Oklahoma, USA / Spiritual activist
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