Radically You. Radically New

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DEEP SOUL GUIDANCE / Clairvoyant, Empath and Energy Intuitive / A Decade of Experience
DEEP SOUL GUIDANCE / Clairvoyant, Empath and Energy Intuitive / A Decade of Experience

Radically You. Radically New Radically You. Radically New
Relax and release! Like a high-pressure valve that opens and everything that has accumulated in these intense times over the past weeks is allowed to run (off) and come back into another flow.

Radically You. Radically New Radically You. Radically New

Although it can feel like rushing water where you bump into something here and there, this different kind of energy makes everything stop, while its thick air leaves you feeling breathless. The pressure on our organisms can be enormous these days, especially if you are highly sensitive and emphatic – some liken it to driving over the speed limit in your mind, unable to find inner peace. Suddenly, there is a boom! Like blasting rocks in an underground mine filled with gold, waiting for you to discover what is hidden underneath – ready for you to take it now!

Just like the flow of the river and the water, there is nothing that can stop it no matter the direction. You are in an unstoppable stream of life, even if you have tried to stop things out of fear, perhaps holding yourself back until now – that will hardly be possible anymore and is one of the great overriding themes this year. Be the person you came here to be; step in with your true being! Take the risk and jump into the water and swim with life as it is. Don’t wait any longer! Rather than forcing yourself to swim and not be aligned, rather stay in the flow and to go along with all things that arise. Accept all that is presented to you, from one moment to the next, from one experience to the other.

Holding on to something is so characteristic of us humans, to overthink it a thousand times, to habitually revert to the past or worry about the future which is not yet written. Thinking that nothing is possible because of the change in global consciousness happens regardless if you have already made strides in your transformation. You might believe that the old way of doing things is tiresome, or it doesn’t work for you anymore.

Radically You. Radically New Radically You. Radically New

For a long time, old structures became the norm with everything piled on top of each other, but this linear idea seems to be disintegrating more and more. We are being called to rely on our intuition. What may have felt like the right step yesterday can be different the next day. This isn’t inconsistency but rather being in the now and facing the challenges that the current moment demands.

This is a great hero's journey! And no matter where you are on the path of your inner transformation, it can, of course, bring up all sorts of feelings and insecurity. This can also be identified in our society as we feel an increasing uncertainty about the future, finances, and existence itself. We are starting to realize how little can be controlled, even in terms of the damage that has already happened; even to our earth. What really matters is your decisions and actions in the present moment. You have the power to lay the foundation for what your own life and the world will look like in the future. Rather than living in the future, you need to be present here and now, and to take responsibility for your own experience! This requires a radicality in a way – radical, however, not in the sense of hard (rather be like the flowing river), but radical (from the Latin “radix”: the root), in the sense of being and acting authentically as it corresponds to the holistic expression of your soul, your true nature.

Radically You. Radically New Radically You. Radically New

The current energies can be similar to these of a powerful stream that, on the one hand, creates a lot of movement but, at the same time, carries along or pulls away what is no longer part of your present being and expression. There is plenty of momentum and instantaneity in that! The more the mind bites into old concepts of how it should be or what it understands e.g. relationships, security, wealth - the more all of these concepts, of which man has a certain idea, might be eroded – just like water on a powerful stream.

What to focus on to stay aligned with your path?

1. You with You
It will become essential that you consistently create space in your everyday life where you can find your inner anchoring within, the re-alignment with something greater. Be it that you practice meditation practice, to sit still, listen to music, write, or go in nature – otherwise it can lead to exhaustion or burnout. Create this time and space for yourself – if only five minutes per day where you reconnect. This is not something to skip when everything gets busy or too much on the outside. Then even more so! This space is within you. Let it become like brushing your teeth daily. Just do it, without asking yourself if, when and why. Be unquestioning with yourself and self-empowering, every day. This is the muscle that we have to train as humanity, not the remote-controlled doing-mode. We have already proven that one, haven’t we? It’s a different era and we are at a tipping point as a society.

2. You in the We
Community and partnership is crucial these days. It’s an elemental aspect of the new time that individuals and groups find each other and foster togetherness. To create safe spaces to share, and where one meets on an eye and soul level, exchanges and simply holds space for each other. Either you connect yourself somewhere with others and existing tribes or you open your own doors. Why not? It does not need to be! Just this simplicity and purity is what it is about now. To be able to show oneself and to simply be there with everything that is, to be seen, to see, and share a safe, unconditional presence.

3. You as a body
Because people are basically becoming more sensitive and intuitive, it’s all the more important to take good care of the body. To become even more aware – and that is completely beyond any doctrine. Certain things just won’t work anymore for your organism, you will take notice of this. It can happen from one moment to another that something is no longer compatible. Maybe you're one of those people who said “without my coffee in the morning I can’t wake up” but now you find yourself at a place where you realize that your body simply can’t handle it anymore, you get shaky or you feel sick. This can also happen with sugar, wheat, dairy, and alcohol. Even if you just had one glass of wine in the evening and enjoyed it with increased sensitivity just one glass might be too much. Just let it go, everything you don’t need anymore and no matter what society tells you about it. Again, also here, the common beliefs e.g. of "What is a treat?” completely re-adjust. Give yourself as much rest as you need while your body endures this transformation.

What does it mean for the process of inner transformation? The radical new, where it may feel as if you have been sitting like a hen on an egg for a not insignificantly long time, is now breaking its way through you! Opportunities may arise with possibilities and spontaneous, sudden connections, which can flow through you into the world, from one minute to the next in a decisive new direction. The famous momentum! So much so you don’t even know how it actually happened, but suddenly your whole world looks differently. And yet you are still in this river. Thus, it doesn’t mean that the intensity will decrease or that you will relax – but most likely it’s rather the opposite! You can expect spontaneous shifts, but you can’t figure this out with your mind. Awareness is the key.

Radically You. Radically New Radically You. Radically New

Take what is opening up in front of you at the moment and go/flow with it, or maybe feel encouraged – even though it might be rather unusual for you. You might feel crazy in relation to what is normal, but what is normal anyhow? And isn’t the crazy sometimes the norm when you look at what is commonly considered normal? Not fitting in can be a superpower! And it has been for most of the outstanding, most successful people in the world, may it be scientists, entrepreneurs, artists and others. They became role models in being themselves, not as the world or societal conditioning wanted them to be. Just saying... Trust the process!

Fear may be great for communicating things in a new way that might seem strange to the outside world, to family, to old or close friends, but that's the path to authenticity. What you may have thought you were in the past can still change to a great degree in the present day, and it could just be the beginning. That's the incredible gift of time. Things can turn or change so fast. So: keep your inner connection, community and listen to your body. Expect the unexpected and be at peace with the fact that life ultimately consists of many singular moments – like a good movie! Perhaps, the best you’ll ever experience! You can’t know it until you live it! You can hold yourself back forever, that’s for sure. But now is the time to BE YOU!

Radically You! Radically New!
Love and blessings as you walk through your days,
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