Your Sex Life As Told By The Zodiac

Riley Mcgee
Top love expert / 20+ years experience Intuitive and empathetic
Top love expert / 20+ years experience Intuitive and empathetic

Your Sex Life As Told By The ZodiacYour Sex Life As Told By The Zodiac
Asking someone what their zodiac sign is before getting into bed with them might not be the norm, but finding out this information may give you some interesting insights into what your sex may be like. While there are a multitude of factors that affect your libido, your zodiac sign plays a major role too. According to expert astrologers, there are some zodiac signs who have more sex than others, purely because they desire it more. Also, it isn’t just about how much you want to have sex, your zodiac sign can also explain the type of sex you want to have. Through understanding and identifying each others sexual tendencies, you can satisfy your partners’ needs, create stronger intimacy and trust, and generally enhance your relationship. If you’re looking to pleasure your partner, be in sync, and have better sex, here’s what’s written in the stars.


People born under this fire sign love to be passionate, steamy, and desirable. They want to give each sexual encounter their all and leave their partner not just satisfied, but blown away. Aries signs tend to be impulsive, have plenty of stamina, and want to dominate their partner. If you’re dating an Aries, expect your relationship to be hot and heavy, but if you’re not ready to match their energy, don’t expect them to stick around for too long.

Your Sex Life As Told By The ZodiacYour Sex Life As Told By The Zodiac


The Taurus loves to show their passion with gentle, loving kisses and intimacy. They’re in absolutely no rush and want to take their time to indulge in all of life’s pleasures. A true romantic at heart, their sexual tendencies are slow, irresistable and intense. They truly want to love every inch of their partner, but with their stubborn and determined nature, don’t expect them to change things up in the bedroom, even if you want to.


In the zodiac, Gemini’s have quite the reputation for being a tease, and this is no different in the bedroom. Sex can be a game to them and they don’t take it too seriously. Gemini’s are turned on by the chase, and although this sounds off-putting, most times they will be able to seduce you with their charms. They crave a thrill and are big on experimenting in the bedroom, both physically and verbally, so prepare to do a lot of talking.


Cancer’s desire for emotional intimacy also manifests itself between the sheets. As empaths, they gravitate towards a deep connection over a casual fling and want to feel safe and secure in the relationship. But don’t be fooled, when a Cancer feels that security, they have the ability to be sensual, deeply erotic, passionate, and willing to do almost anything for their partner.

Your Sex Life As Told By The ZodiacYour Sex Life As Told By The Zodiac


True performers at heart, Leo sees the bedroom as their stage and they are not afraid to put on an entertaining show. They want to be needed, loved, and admired, and once they’ve shown off their best tricks, they expect their partners to do exactly the same. They have an incredible charisma and aura that many people are attracted to, but they are only attracted to people who exude the same energy.


Known for being quite the perfectionist, this trait is also brought into their sexual relationships. They have a high attention to detail and once they have successfully courted their partner and analyzed the relationship, they will stop at nothing to please them. Generally curious, they tend to be up for anything in the bedroom and are willing to experiment. Ultimately, they need to be stimulated so that they turn off their intellectual brain and let their emotions and sensations take over their body.


Chivalry is never dead with a Libra. They are in love with love and show their best selves when surrounded by beauty and elegance. Blessed with the art of seduction, they are usually 10 steps ahead of everyone else so in this case, let them do the chasing. While sex isn’t the most important thing to them, being happy and fulfilled through beautiful visuals and romantic gestures is, so dress the part and let them fall in love with you.


Famously secretive but filled with fire, Scorpio’s will wow you in the bedroom. While it's hard to understand their tactics, raw and animalistic sex is truly the way to their heart. They live their lives with an all or nothing attitude, so in the bedroom, they really turn up the heat. As intensely sexual and physical beings, they will have an exact idea of what they want to see and feel, but make sure you’re on the same page before getting into anything with them.


Inquisitive and adventurous, seducing a Sagittarius isn’t difficult as they are transparent and open. They want to tap into their sexual fantasies and encourage their partner to uncover theirs and try them out in the bedroom. Spontaneous sex and new experiences are a big turn on for Sagittarius, they want to keep the relationship thrilling and exciting.


Slightly more reserved, Capricorns want to ensure they’re making the right decision before sleeping with a partner. They want to get to know you first, develop an emotional connection and understand exactly where they stand in the relationship. However, once that bond has been established, Capricorns have strong endurance in the bedroom and won’t hold back in making it a night to remember.

Your Sex Life As Told By The ZodiacYour Sex Life As Told By The Zodiac


Developing a relationship with an Aquarius can be confusing. It’s hard to know what’s going on inside their head and this can lead to plenty of misunderstandings, but when it comes to sex, they always want to change things up and keep it exciting. Aquarius will encourage their partner to tap into their desires but in terms of commitment, don’t expect to get one. Aquarius tends to gravitate towards casual flings rather than a strong connection.


Getting intimate with a Pisces can be romantic and seductive. As empaths in the zodiac, they put their partners' needs first and make sure they are completely satisfied. They want to feel connected both physically and spiritually and want to make love to someone they trust. Once that safety and trust has been established, the sex is passionate, hypnotic, and memorable.
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