Who Is An Astrologer And What Do They Do?

Janice Howard
Master of spirituality / Spiritual writer based in Oklahoma, USA / Spiritual activist
Master of spirituality / Spiritual writer based in Oklahoma, USA / Spiritual activist

Who Is An Astrologer And What Do They Do? Who Is An Astrologer And What Do They Do?
Astrologers have been around for thousands of years, though many people today still don’t fully understand what astrologers do. So, who is an astrologer? Astrologers practice the art of astrology to understand personalities and human behavior by interpreting the position of the stars and planets according to the placement of the constellations of the zodiac. Simply put, astrologers use planetary alignment as a way to predict how we react and how our personalities develop throughout our lives.

Based on the celestial alignment of the stars and planets at the time of a person’s birth, we are categorized into different zodiacs. Each zodiac will represent a different month (or year based on Chinese astrology) and influence our personality traits as well as how we interact with others based on their zodiac and personality traits.

Who Is An Astrologer And What Do They Do? Who Is An Astrologer And What Do They Do?

Where Did Astrology Come From?

Astrology is one of the most popular divination practices in the world. It is the study of the alignment of the planets, stars, and other celestial bodies and how these influence our life’s path and personalities.

Astrology can be traced back to the Babylonians in around 3000 BCE who created astrological charts to predict the frequency of certain celestial events. From the Babylonians, the practice of astrology spread out to different parts of the world. The Greeks improved it as their mathematical and astronomical knowledge helped develop astrology into a system that is similar to how we know it today. The modern names we use for the planets and zodiac signs stem from Greek literature. The mathematical advances of the Greeks helped astrological charts to be read with more accuracy. From the Greeks it spread to Egypt, the rest of Europe and then eventually, the West.

Different cultures used astrology for many different reasons. At first it was not connected with the person nor was it used to understand personality traits; instead it was used to determine weather patterns which were important for agricultural reasons. Then it broadened to include predicting natural disasters as well as advising emperors and kings.

When Christianity rose in popularity, astrology became less popular as it was viewed as superstition and sacrilege. Galileo was one famous astronomer and astrologer who was condemned by the Catholic church for his theory that the planets rotated around the sun. Later, astrology made a comeback and today it is widely practiced.

Types Of Astrology

There are a few different categories of astrology, each with their own origins and unique practice. Three of the most popular types of astrology are Western astrology, Hindu astrology, and Chinese astrology.

Western Astrology

Western astrology is the oldest and most popular of the astrological systems in the Western world today. It is based on the writings of Ptolemy, who was an Egyptian astronomer, mathematician, and geographer. He wrote one of the most influential books about the astrological knowledge of the ancient Greek and Babylonian world called Almagest. He developed an earth-centered cosmological system which placed the earth as the center of the universe with the other celestial bodies positioned beyond it in order of the moon, Mercury, Venus, sun, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. This view was held until Copernicus determined that the sun was the center of the universe.

The most popular part of Western astrology is horoscopes. These astrological signs are believed to influence personality and predict future events. Within Western astrology there are 3 categories namely:
  • Mundane astrology - used to predict world events such as natural disasters, wars, and economies.
  • Interrogatory astrology - used to predict events in a person’s life.
  • Natal astrology - used to determine a person’s future based on their birth.

Hindu Astrology

Also known as Vedic astrology, this popular form of astrology originated in India. It is based on the principles of the Vedas. This type of astrology believes that karma and fortune are closely linked and so the planets are read based on their impact in the previous life and the effect on the present life. Hindu astrology only uses the planets until Saturn.

Who Is An Astrologer And What Do They Do? Who Is An Astrologer And What Do They Do?

Chinese Astrology

Many people have heard about the different Chinese years, such as the year of the bull, but there is so much more to Chinese astrology than that. This form of astrology is deeply rooted in yin and yan. It utilizes different constellations as well as an entirely different zodiac system to Western astrology. The zodiac consists of 12 animal signs each representing a different type of personality. These signs include the rat, ox, tiger, monkey, horse, rooster, dragon, rabbit, and others.

Is There Any Science Behind Astrology?

There is still a lot of skepticism about the realness of astrology, however, it has been around for thousands of years and uses the scientific knowledge of celestial bodies. Many astrologers in history were also scientists and one upon a time, astrology was referred to as the mother of all sciences. Historical academic works about medicine also acknowledged astrology.

With the arrival of the scientific method in the 20th century which is rooted in physical evidence, astrology was no longer considered a science. It was then classified as a pseudoscience as it was believed to not have the power to describe the universe.

What Do Astrologers Do?

Generally, an astrologer will create a horoscope for the time of a specific event, such as birth, and will make interpretations about the characteristics of that person based on the different celestial points and their placements at the time of the event. To be able to do this, an astrologer will need to have a deep knowledge of astrology and understand how to map the individual with the cosmos and how all celestial bodies are interrelated with each other.

Based on what an astrologer learns about a person’s birth chart, they will be able to guide a person through various aspects of their life such as their love life, finances, career, health, self-care, and aspirations.

The work of an astrologer is very similar to that of a therapist, however, an astrologer uses the alignment of the stars and planets to understand a person’s personality rather than through direct observation like a therapist would. Interestingly, some of the most famous astrologers in history were also very learned in human behavior.

To become an astrologer requires studying astrology planetary positions, and how to create a birth chart. The most popular ways to become an astrologer are to take online or live courses, getting taught by a mentor, or being certified by a professional board. Different countries require different qualifications. In the United States, you don’t need any official certifications while in the UK, a license is required. However, in the United States a certification can be acquired through the American Federation of Astrologers. Some universities in India even offer advanced degrees in Hindu astrology.

It can take some time to fully learn astrology. There are many nuances to learn and creating birth charts and feeling comfortable enough to interpret them can take some getting used to. Many say it can take a full four years before you can call yourself an astrologer.

Who Is An Astrologer And What Do They Do? Who Is An Astrologer And What Do They Do?

How Much Do Astrologers Charge?

As mentioned previously, Astrologers need to undergo extensive training to practice as an astrologer so the cost of a reading will reflect this. The standard rate for a reading could cost anywhere between $100 and $150 an hour, though you may pay more or less for different types of readings.

Three of the most popular types of readings are birth chart readings, current transit readings, and a couple’s astrology reading. A birth chart reading involves noting the alignment of the planets and constellations at the time of your birth to gain an understanding of the patterns of your life and your personality traits. A current transit reading is beneficial if you are looking for guidance on making big decisions. A couple’s astrology reading will take a look at the birth chart of you and your partner to see how you interact with each other.

The Benefits Of An Astrology Reading

Consulting an astrologer is a popular experience and an expert astrologer can help you better understand yourself as well as help guide you through making some very challenging life decisions.

If you are looking to understand your strengths and weaknesses better so that you can live your life in a way that harnesses your strengths, an astrologer can help show you the way. This will help benefit your relationships, your career, and your mind so that you can live a peaceful life.

If you would like to get started on discovering yourself to find the happiness you deserve, reach out to one of our astrologers who will help provide you with the insights you are searching for.
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Skills : Master of spirituality / Spiritual writer based in Oklahoma, USA / Spiritual activist
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