Aura and the possibility of learning the talent on your own

Riley Mcgee
Top love expert / 20+ years experience Intuitive and empathetic
Top love expert / 20+ years experience Intuitive and empathetic

Aura and the possibility of learning the talent on your ownAura and the possibility of learning the talent on your own

Introduction to Aura’s

Our physical bodies are surrounded by a field of energy that is unseen to most people. The energy we carry actually reflects a color, which is affected by our current state of being and emotions. Gaining awareness of these things help people understand the subtle everyday influences that work together to develop our emotional state and well-being. Luckily, talented individuals are able to see or capture the field of energy we radiate. The energy is another way for these types of psychic advisors to provide impactful readings to better understand ourselves.

It’s hard to imagine but, there are individuals with the ability to see this light, and perhaps you too are able to pick up on the auras of others. We will talk more about aura reading, aura readers and the possibility of learning the talent on your own.

Aura and the possibility of learning the talent on your ownAura and the possibility of learning the talent on your own

Aura Photography

Have you ever heard of aura photography?

Beyond the talent of individuals, there are also locations that can actually develop a photograph of your aura. Then, experienced aura readers are able to give greater insight into what your aura says. The cameras that are able to capture your aura, was developed in 1970 and today there are only a number of these cameras able to create physical images of the aura.

So, what exactly do these aura photographs look like?

The photographs are developed by a very unique process, but are simply a portrait from just below the shoulders and a few inches above the highest point of the head. This portrait shows the individual surrounded by light in what resembles the shape of clouds, which gradient into different colors from red, orange, yellow to green, blue, purple, white and beyond. The second part of developing the photo is what creates this mystifying light. After the portrait, you place hand-sensors on your lap to allow a charge to go through your body and with double exposure, produces the image of your colorful electromagnetic field. By the way, the charge does not cause any type of physical reaction to your body, it is completely harmless.

Aura and the possibility of learning the talent on your ownAura and the possibility of learning the talent on your own

Aura Meanings

So, what can an aura tell us? Actually, it is so much more than just colors, because the location in which they appear has a significant story as well.


The colors that appear above the individual ears is a representation of consciousness, how we as individuals use our unique thoughts and feelings to depict the environment around us. It is simply the awareness that tells us what is going on in the world around and within ourselves.


The colors towards the left of the picture are the lens in which an individual looks out at the world and what energy is entering their universal bubble.


The colors towards the right of the picture are the lens in which the world perceives the individual and how they present their energy to this world.


The aura portrait often presents an arch of color, which represents an individual's life goals and aspirations.

It is important to note that many of these colors have direct translation to chakras. This will be relevant when analyzing the different colors and which chakra they represent.

Aura and the possibility of learning the talent on your ownAura and the possibility of learning the talent on your own

Aura Colors

Location definitely matters and is important to know when we are trying to read the strange and stunning colors, but what does each color say?

Gray Auras

This is one of the very rare aura colors, which tell us about a person who has a more skeptical outlook. This is most likely someone who will more often than not, use a pessimistic tone when observing their life. When we think of a glass of water filled halfway, there is always that person who will see it as half empty and notice what is missing. That is, rather than the optimistic individual who will see it as half full, what is possible and available to them.

White Auras

White is the rarest of the aura colors. This pure light is a top indicator of someone who has a very high vibration, some who has heightened awareness of themselves. They are more often able to let go of those lower emotions like guilt. On one hand, this is a sign of wisdom, healing capabilities and altruism. That is for the white light that glows and appears bright. However, it can appear more murky and that points towards someone more judgmental and prone to self-sacrifice, or even self-harm. It is important to notice if maybe this is someone who allows others to manipulate them, and take back your personal protection. In both cases, this light should be protected by practicing spiritual protection through grounding and finding balance between the material and immaterial world.

Red Auras

The chakra connected to this color is the root chakra, which is the foundation of all others. This energy point is located at the base of your spine and is highly developed through age 7. This color is very often a representation of passion and an intensity in both, outward and inward behavior. However, there are different shades of this magnificent color to take account of. The brighter red, or cherry red, is that upbeat friend who is always pushing for teamwork on projects. This is the leader of the pack, who is respected for their just and fair attitude. Then, we have the much darker, more blood-like red. This is the friend who is more prone to showing rage, whether that's while driving and showing lots of road rage or approaching fights with angry confrontation. It is all that passion that can lead easier towards anger. The bottom line is that they are a fiery and passionate individual, which means they are great to turn to when you want to get something done. This person will help lead you and push forward in opportunities in career, love and beyond.

Orange Auras

The sacral chakra is represented by the color orange, which involves an individual's creativity, sensuality, and emotional body. If an aura is presenting a strong presence of orange, then it is a possible indication that your sacral chakra is clear and able to flow well from this energy point. The brighter and lighter shades of orange are a show of someone's ability to communicate well. Their ideas and beliefs are vital to their life, which is usually within public speakers and journalists. The darker and richer shades of orange are a show of strong self-discipline and ambition to create change, push ideas into fruition, and use details to their advantage. A common challenge that this color might draw insight to, is the common burn-out that these fast-moving and goal oriented individuals want to accomplish. It is important that the high energy orange aura is met with balance, so the harnessed energy doesn’t end up taking negative actions of draining energy.

Yellow Auras

The solar plexus chakra located in the abdominal area, is represented by the yellow auras. When this energy point is open and flowing, the individual often feels satisfied at this moment in time. This is similar to how we relate the color yellow to a bright sun, on a cheerful and pleasant day. If the yellow in an aura reading is lighter or perhaps dim, it can be similar to the slow dawn of a new day, bringing new opportunities and hope. The stronger this yellow aura is, perhaps it may even be golden, then it is often associated with someone enlightened and with an inspiring ability that strong leadership emanates. However, if the yellow aura has spots that may be interpreted as neon, then it is signaling the possible blockage of the chakra. This is why it is important to regularly practice guided meditation and increase our intuition to release the blockages.

Green Auras

The heart chakra, which controls our joy and inner peace, is located in the center of the chest. When a green aura is presented in a reading, the individual has made a central aspect of their life about personal growth and healing. When this is open, our hearts are able to create balance between the physical and spiritual world. It is important to listen to your heart and pick partners, or other relationships, that are rooted in love and a sense of calmness. It is important to pay attention to the shade of green, because it can become the less harmonious qualities of jealousy. So, look for the foggier or muted green and take action to ground yourself in nature.

Blue Auras

A very underrated chakra, the throat chakra, is represented by the color blue. Our ability to communicate is key to a true expression of yourself, which is becoming a harder task in this digital age. The richer shades of blue, such as turquoise and royal blue, are a signal of someone who has unlocked their voice full of self-expression and clarity. This is most likely our teacher, healers or singers. The lighter shades of blue, such as sky blue, are for the creatives who actually help others with their self-expression and voice. It is important that with a strong presence of a blue aura, that the individual is also aware of others expression and voice. While it is important to work on opening the throat chakra, it is just as important to work on hearing others.

Purple Auras

The purple aura is a representation of the highly intuitive individual, with a clear and well-flowing third-eye chakra. The individual with this as a prominent or constant color in their aura is the more self-less and uninterested in superficial occasions. If you feel like you are picking up on energies of those around you, it is important to protect your energy. This can be done by avoiding shallow relationships, creating boundaries and strengething confidence.

So, can you translate this into becoming an aura reader yourself?

Aura and the possibility of learning the talent on your ownAura and the possibility of learning the talent on your own

Learning to See Auras

As you have seen, our auras are based on the energy that we put into the world. Our consciousness, emotions, and current life situations are aspects that change often, so our auras change as well.
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