Antonia Tarot

Specializing in: 

Spirituality & Religion


Well, I'm not exactly a "new" psychic, but I'm new to Kasamba! I'm happy to be here. Looking forward to making wonderful connections! Other Specialties  
About My Services

Even though I have an extensive knowledge and respect for Tarot, I simply use it as a means to rev up my Intuition during readings. I know a bit about every sort of divining and healing modality and that knowledge is typically sprinkled throughout my readings. Clients typically find my candor and directness refreshing. I won't tell you how to live your life, but I can give you a good idea of where it is headed!

Experience & Qualifications

Over 10 years professional experience psychic reading. I am fascinated with people's stories and all the possibilities unfolding before them. Sometimes a reading is simply that...other times it is a life activation of sorts. I want to give my clients the courage and spiritual tools to trust their own Intuition. It is my sincere wish that my clients find me to be thorough and compassionate.


Parapsychology diploma from Stratford Career Institute and Angel Healing diploma from Academy of Ancient Magick