About My Services

Hello, let me start by introducing myself. my name is Edward Milan. And i have been born with the rare gift of clairvoyancy. I have been helping, and guiding people through relationships, and many of lifes decisions for over 19 years.

I offer very accurate Psychic Readings for those who want to know

with the advantage of psychic abillity to help give you the insight that you need in your current relationship.

Is he cheating? Is she being true? is he the right one for me? Do i have a good chance of life time happieness with my current partner. These are some of the questions you'll get answers to.

My Online Psychic Readings can see deep into your relationships

Delicate situations in your relationship require answers from a caring and gifted psychic.

Edward Milan.

Experience & Qualifications

gifted psychic abillity at birth. developed, and fine tuned clairvoyant ability. tarot card readings are also available. I am dedicated to giving you the true answers my spirit gives me. lets begin a session. I'm ready, are you?


intuitive psychic who is caring, but also not afraid to tell you the truth, in terms of what's going on around you. over 20 years experience.