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** NEW on Kasamba ** Hello, my name is Ana Maria, and I am a professional Astrologuer and Tarot Reader. I was born in 7th March 1982, and I started my Tarot studies in 1997 Other Specialties  
About My Services

My services combine Astrology with Tarot, or any other oracle readings. l look at the natal chart, combine the meanings and positions of the planets, transits, progessions like a map of the individual's pscyche and personality. Then I confirm and go for a further look with the taror and oracles. In that way I get further accuracy in my readings.

Experience & Qualifications

Today, I do my readings professionally, combining Astrology with Tarot and other oracles. I also teach Astrology and Tarot, in workshops and courses, both online and in metaphysical/esoteric shops.


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