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With 19 years of experience, allow me to look deeply into the esoteric lens of astrology to show you how the planets are influencing you, from every angle of the Zodiac. Whether you are interested in receiving an astrological forecast or want to receive insight into love compatibility, I am well-equipped to help you understand the obstacles that are ahead, as well as will show you how to overcome any obstacles that may appear, in a caring and judgment-free way. Other Specialties  
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Understanding the placement of the heavenly bodies of the stars and planets can be confusing and a bit mundane for some, but as for myself I have enjoyed many years learning about astrological esotericism and how these marvelous jewels of light that sparkle in night sky can create such a strong sway in everything from how each of us live our day to day lives to the fundamental changes in society perpetrated by the planets that reside in the farthest reaches of our Milky Way Galaxy. Astrology is a scientific art form, more than it is an artistic science, in that each variable of every planet, from the degree of its placement to the angle that it creates relative to every other planet is important for properly divining its truest meaning. The transit of every planet (where it was the moment you were born compared to where it moves to at any other given time) has to be pondered with the greatest care, so as not to miss any of the esoteric definitions that the heavens try to express through their all too all too often bold yet predictable language. This is where predictive astrology comes into play; Not only will I strive to expound upon the understanding that you will be able to gain of yourself, but will also work to provide you with a clear and concise comprehension of the patterns of predictions that are able to come through from one of the world’s oldest fascinations. This natural sense of wonder that we get, as people, dates back to the first civilizations where the alchemists (the first chemists, as modern chemistry would not exist were it not for these daring pioneers), magicians (the original philosophers, numerologists), and astrologers (astronomers, philosophers of the heavens) studied the natural rhythms of this bright blue planet, and gained understanding of the polarity and correspondence of the relation of the Seven Sacred Planets and the impact that they had on individuals and societies. Understanding these positions provides the opportunity for me to provide detailed readings on any topic. Whether you want to ask about love, family, friends, or if you want to talk about your career or financial matters, I am well-equipped to provide high-quality, meaningful, and insightful readings. In our reading, if given the chance, I will lay out the various paths that are before you and although I will not choose which path to follow, I will help you to see which elements of each direction are important so that you can make the most informed decision for yourself. I do provide lots of detail in the paragraphs, if you come by for a chat, and on the phone I strive to connect in a deeply empathetic way, so that I can provide you with plenty of information to contemplate, and reflect upon. My readings are designed to show multiple paths forward, allowing you to make the decision that you want based on the outcome that you are given in each respective situation. Typing up to 90 words per minute, I will give you the answers you seek and will provide solutions to the problems you are facing in a, caring, non-judgmental, and uniquely written way. Because life isn’t always black and white, it is rare that I will answer a question with a simple "yes" or "no," as many of the answers that I receive from the stars show if/then scenarios, which I will impart by describing the different paths that would be most likely to be set for you. Knowing your date of birth, in conjunction with the personified qualities of the planets and each sign of the zodiac will not only give me the understanding of how to describe the various qualities of your personality, but will also allow me to more properly convey the challenges and obstacles that you would see emerging in your daily life. An astrology reading will only ever be as accurate as its best known component (known components being time of birth, date of birth, place of birth, your own knowledge of yourself), astrology allow for me to provide nuance in the readings that I

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I have been providing astrology, psychic, and tarot readings professionally since 2000. Since that time, I have been fortunate to have forged strong relationships with clients from 6 continents and over 30 countries, including Portugal, Netherlands, U.K., New Zealand, Australia, India, Canada, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan and 45/50 States in the U.S. I understand that our differences are what bring us together, and I always try to use my gifts as a means for creating positive change and bringing empowerment in the lives of everyday people. I have an extensive branch of esoteric knowledge of astrology through my studies of tarot (with Hermetic and Kabbalistic schools of thought, both of which rely on a heavy emphasis of astrology and numerology), Kabbalah, symbolic studies, as well as metaphysical and existential philosophy, astronomy, biology, chemistry, and the physical sciences. My psychic and intuitive skills, as well as my love for people, humanity, and society create a perfect storm of love that I always strive to show. The countless hours that I have dedicated to not only learning my craft, but perfecting it, has given me such gratitude, that I do hope that you will give me the opportunity to share my gift with you! Additionally, I have spent the last several years developing my own Tarot and Astrology deck from the knowledge that I have gained over the years, and am currently authoring an tarot deck with artwork by “Crystalface.”