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Psychic Medium, your personal spiritual counselor. Astrological planetary tarot expert with 15 years experience guiding those who come to me seeking divine connections Other Specialties  
About My Services

Clairvoyant, empathic, tarot, channeling spiritual guides and angels. Some call it Psychic, I call it the voice of God, that Divine Spark we all have the potential to hear. We are the Walking Living breath of God. Make a reservation with me anytime via email 11AM to 4AM central or catch me online in between bookings. Email readings for full focus 25$ monthly overview 35$

Experience & Qualifications

Professional consultant, Intuitive spiritual counselor, advisor volunteering for International agencies and law enforcement helping to find missing and abducted children as well as crimes. I known globally with 4 major networks plus my own business with a 5 star status.


I have been privilaged in the past to assist law enforcement to help find missing and abducted children and adults as well as crimes when ever I can. I own my own business as a Intuitive advisor, counselor for 20 years have been teaching and healing and guiding those who come to me seeking divine spiritual connections.