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Genuine Astrology readings. Discover Yourself through the cosmos of Astrology! Learn specific correlations between your birth sign, your behavior and what is represented in the stars and planets. Other Specialties  
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Intuitive Reader, Advisor & Healer for more than 30 years. Unlock mysteries through your personalized Birth charts and Horoscopes. Discover your Past, Present & Future. Gain answers and knowledge through the Wisdom of the Universe! Experience what has guided our ancestors and mystics since the beginning of time. See your life as it is written in the stars!

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Over 30 years of Astrology & Intuitive Readings. Experienced, Intuitive Reader, and Spiritual Advisor,Rune Readings, Tarot card Readings, and more. Intuitive Reader, Spiritualist, Spiritual Advisor. Kasamba Expert since 2007.


Ordained Minister 2009.