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I am a vedic astrologer and having more than 20 years of experience,i am from third generation astrologer family Other Specialties  
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Vedic astrology is based on scientific calculations and predictions based on the time of birth,date of birth related to the planetary position at that time.Each house of the horoscope appears to be related to the things of your day to day life may be career,love,disease some way or the other. Some houses appear to be more relevant to these aspects than the others, but they all have something or the other to do with issues related to life. vedic astro predictions are very accurate if calculation is good . Bhrigu sanhita mansagari are two important important books . Astrology tells about bad and good times in life so consult for any problem any question. ."Astrology is my passion".Nothing in this world is certain but at least we can have a bit prior forecast so that we can makeup our minds."BIRTH CHART READER SPECIALIST"

Experience & Qualifications

More than 20 years experience in vedic astrology .I am a researcher in the field of vedic astrology.I have been reading the horoscopes for last 20 years.Studied over thousands of horoscopes for readings.


Diploma holder and more than 20 years of experience and Researcher in Astrology on some on touch topics of astrology