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Vedic Astrology



hello friends i am a vedic astrologer and can help you in all matters of life whether it be relationship, career, wealth, health, legal,and finances.your horoscope is the life summary and planets influence your life to great extent. you can consult me for all types of vedic astrology questions. Other Specialties  
About My Services

i am a well experienced astrologer who can guide you through vedic astrology on all issues of life. i read horoscopes, do astrology match making, hora chart, transit, yearly horoscope. you can consult for all types of astrology questions and can have accurate readings through vedic astrology.

Experience & Qualifications

i have been doing vedic astrology for over twenty years and have helped my clients in knowing their horoscope through vedic astrology. you can know about your astro chart and yearly chart for all years and can take decisions of life accordingly. i have written many articles and blogs on astrology and can help you understand how vedic astrology can guide you best.


i have done astrology degree from well reputed institute and have also done different professional coursed on vedic astrology.