About My Services

Please message me directly to book an astrology session. *This service includes a copy of your birth chart, which I will send to you.* I have been studying astrology for over 12 years, and I find that the birth chart, more than any other professional assessment or analysis, provides the most clarity as to who you are, what your personality type is, what kind of career and relationship will fulfill you, and what your present life purpose is. Your birth chart is entirely unique to you, no one else shares it. Let me help you discover yourself on a deeper, more meaningful level.

Experience & Qualifications

My interest in astrology began over 12 years ago after too many coincidences led me to conclude that astrology is more than just "hocus pocus". The stars, planets, and constellations in the sky are like an intricate clock, and the position of these "gears" at the time of your birth say a lot about how you function and what you need to be happy.


Bachelor's in English