About My Services

I’m here to assist you with all of your projects, using a unique perspective that combines my years of project management experience, tarot reading, and astrology. Bringing solutions or guidance so you can get what you truly deserved in your career path, using: astrology, tarot cards, and industrial engineering tools that I apply in daily life and international projects. I tend to leave homework to my clients, so that they can develop themselves and improve, willing that they will overcome similar situations when face in the future.

Experience & Qualifications

I’ve been helping my friends and relatives in their life, making them understand what they need and not what they want. On the other hand, I tend to see every situation as a project, from which I use my project management expertise to get the root cause and bring solutions that can be implemented fast and efficiently. I'm an ABOVE average type, can write up to 60 words per minute and keep a conversation fluid.


Bachelor in Industrial Engineering, +3-years of project management training, Self-taught tarot reader.