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Your Personal Career Counselor. Align your goals to the WILL of creation. A Wheel of virtual fortune. By following Divine vision you can see the path of purpose. Your obstacles are road signs meant to lead your way! Other Specialties  
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Intuitive Visions, Empathic, Angel Inspirations, Channeling Spiritual Guides and Angels. Using the vibrations of your soul, the sound of Spirit leads me. Understanding the power of will and it's reflections in each soul, has been an expertise of mine within the many years of service. Come journey through the matrix with me and discover your full potential!

Experience & Qualifications

Professional consultant, intuitive adviser for International and law enforcement helping to find missing and abducted children as well as crimes. Many major networks as a life coach, counselor, teacher, healer, mentor.


I have assisted International investigations and law enforcement to find missing and abducted children, worked with precincts to help solve crimes when ever I can. Major networks adviser, and I own my own business as a life coach, holistic healing Intuitive, spiritual counselor, teacher, mentor.