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Who looks outside dreams, who looks inside Awakes! Gifted Empath. Accurate, read feedback. Truth & Love sets you free!
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Dreams can feel like portals to the future. Dreams tell us what your subconscious is focused on and trying to workout. I have been giving psychic & spiritual sessions for most my working life. I have also studied dreams with reference to the collective unconscious (Carl Jung) and lucid dreaming. Lucid dreaming is a practice whereby you keep an observation of the dream whilst still in it. I have helped thousands of clients across the globe. If you want a reading with a trusted expert I can help. I am a well known and respected psychic, having worked in countries in Europe and in the U.S. My readings are based on clarity and in helping you the client. A good reading will leave you feeling empowered to make the choices you need to based on the truth of your situation. Dreams often hold the key to what your unconscious is trying to release and tell you. Together we can work on and look at your dreams in depth to see what messages are there for your conscious waking mind. What can happen during a session? - I take the time to go to a quiet place inside and access intuition. Spirit often offers practical solutions that are from a clear perspective, the quantum field/akashic records. Spirit is playful, joyful, compassionate and straight. In your reading I access my own guides and tune in. - This is not a mediumship reading, if you wish for contact with a passed over loved one please search in 'reaching beyond'. Press the allow expert to contact me button after a session as I will then be able to communicate any specials coming up in the future. Readings and guidance must not replace medical, legal or mental health advise. It is the clients sole responsibility for what choices they make in life. When calling for a reading you are agreeing to the above terms and conditions.

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I have spent my lifetime on a spiritual path and many years giving sessions in Reiki & psychic readings professionally I have worked on the internet giving spiritual advice as well as in person and gathered this experience to share with you. Looking at your dreams with your interpretation and mine gives a wider view for you to make decisions on. As part of my counselling training we covered Jungian dream analysis, amongst other interpretations. - God bless to you and yours, Alexandra P. Brown


Diploma Individual & Relationships Counselling Cert. Usui Reiki Master Cert. Theta Healing® Master and Certificate of science Tarot Teacher Tarot & Healing Author Tarot Deck Designer Manifesting, L.O.A. Guide and mentor