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Dream Analysis



20+ years experience. Internationally Top Rated Psychic. Empathic Healer. Dreaming is a large part of our life that is overlooked and misinterpreted. These are messages from our soul to help guide, inform and warn us of obstacles in our emotional evolution. Through dream analysis we can begin to hear our heart's desire and begin moving toward synchronicity. *Kasamba Certified: Dream Analysis, Tarot, Astrology & Palm reading* Other Specialties  
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Dream interpretation requires the gift of listening. More than hearing, its about delving into the soul world and witnessing a persons karmic reflections. Through psychology and mediation we can discover the messages which are veiled in our foggy dreams. Rest, Sleep & Dream well.

Experience & Qualifications

As a practicing healer and yoga instructor dream interpretation has become part of my career. Dreams are mysteries of the soul crying out to guide us towards emotional/spiritual harmony. As we seek insight together your inner child will be revealed.


Reiki Master/Teacher of the Usui System of Natural healing, Yoga Instructor, Pet Psychic/Healer