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What are your dreams trying to tell you? Dreams are most vivid during the crises of life-change. Now is the time in your life when you most need understanding guidance. Nightmares that won't go away? Reoccurring dreams? Call now to receive a personalized dream interpretation of your most pressing dream to get clarity today! Other Specialties  
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Dreams are doorways to the subconscious, pathways to the spirit realm and keys to the future!

A dream that is not interpreted is like a letter that has not been read. Are you letting your dreams slip away, night by night, week by week, year by year, when you could be using all that insight to create positive change in your life?

You dreams, once interpreted, offer deep insight and wisdom into your self, your life, and why you experience life in the way that you do.

Dreams are windows into your mindset, highlighting your limiting beliefs as well as talents and gifts that you have yet to discover.

They reveal your unconscious patterns, thoughts, beliefs, and feelings, and becasue your unconscious mind powerfully influences the way you live your life, this information is gold!

The dream world is not separate from the waking world; they are extensions of each other and are mutually supportive and co-creative.

Call it dream interpretation. Call it dream analysis. Dream readings are really dream exploration! What do your dreams really say about you? Together, we will explore the meaning of your dreams.

Experience & Qualifications

35+ Years Professional Dream Interpretation and Analysis: Proud Member of The International Association for the Study of Dreams (IASD), Imagery Rehearsal Therapy to Treat Nightmares With PTSD, Lucid Dreaming & Sleep Education, Astral Projection & Astra Travel Expert, Out Of Body Experiences (OOBE, OBE)